The Pain of Pretended Omniscience

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Thinking Pastorally

There can be little doubt that in the present day most of us are awash with knowledge and parched for wisdom. We have rationalised the processes for understanding until we assume answers, are impatient with the process of learning, and struggle to confess genuine ignorance. We are constantly consuming unfiltered and mostly insignificant information, and are fearful of moments and movements escaping our attention. In this post I want to explore one element of this phenomenon – the pain of pretended omniscience when it comes to social media, the sense of knowing too much about matters we can do nothing to change, and some of the anxieties and problems this can present us with emotionally and spiritually.

Cruising above Babel

According to a biblical understanding of human nature, we are builders by birth. There is a raw ingenuity in the human soul which can marshal and quantify resources, and then…

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